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“Luke has guided me through some of the most challenging times of my life and has helped me to step away from the self-destructive mindset that I used to have. I have such a better outlook on things and I feel like I'm in a much better place in all areas of my life as a result. I will forever be grateful.”  KR 2018

“Luke helped me make great progress in terms of dealing with my anxiety and solving my issues, with an improvement even after just a couple of sessions. It was an excellent experience for me and I would recommend him to everyone who would like to make a change in their life as his kind warm approach and professional therapy sessions work just perfectly.” Can 2018

“I would definitely recommend Luke as a therapist to whoever is looking for support on their self-exploration journey!”  JD 2018

“I can honestly and wholeheartedly want to thank Luke for help. His insight and care helped me understand and move on and grow. He is a very skilled professional who I would recommend in a heartbeat.” ET 2017

“Instead of giving me solutions straight away, he helps me identify and build skills I need to handle difficult situations in my life.” SL 2017

“It's clear that he is very experienced and knows his field well. We've worked on a variety of topics including depression, anxiety and trauma.”  RS 2017

“He's insightful but not forceful.” DP 2016

“Luke is empathetic, patient, kind, and understanding.” EW 2016

“He's an excellent listener who knows how to create a safe space for me to open up and unfold difficult emotions.” MH 2016

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