I also offer supervision for other counsellors and psychotherapists. I am currently training in the Seven-eyed supervision model which is a well established and tested model very in keeping with the person-centred approach. As I am still training I offer supervision for £45 a session. I am happy to work with trainees or experienced practitioners

Supervision style

The Seven-Eyed Supervision model was developed by Peter Hawkins and Robin Shohet in 1985, who integrated the relational and systemic aspects of supervision in a single theoretical model. The model is relational because it focuses on the relationships between client, therapist and supervisor and systemic because it focuses on the interplay between each relationship and their context within the wider system. The model is called “seven eyed” because it focuses on seven distinct aspects of the therapeutic process, as explained in the sections that follow. It’s important for supervisees simply to be aware of each of the “eyes” of the model, rather than learning each by rote. What follows is a guide to each of the “eyes” of the model. Visit https://www.livingtherapy.co.uk/seven-eyed-model  for more information